BCA (Unify to UDify)


Helping BCA build awareness about Universal Design (UD) across Singapore

Unify to UDify is an initiative by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to spread awareness among citizens about the importance of Universal Design (UD) compliant features in buildings across Singapore. It also encourages civic awareness groups, as well as influential individuals, to spread awareness about UD. BCA approached Pi Social Media to manage the Facebook page of Unify to UDify.

How we did it

Pi Social Media team kept the Unify to UDify Facebook page active, with updates featuring links to news related to UD, examples of UD-compliant locations in or near Singapore, etc. Interactive image posts with questions were leveraged to boost engagement. The cover image was updated at regular intervals. Media buy in the form of Page Like ads was also leveraged to rapidly boost number of Likes.

Pi team organised timeline contests with varied themes to maximise user engagement. For example, in the #SpotTheDifference contest, participants were asked to point out differences between two pictures posted side by side. Another object-hunting contest, Spot Me If You Can, gained popularity due to the simplicity of its theme and ease of participation. Pi team also promoted the offline Project BUILD contest organised by BCA.

Pi team managed the Facebook community involved with the page, monitoring and moderating comments posted by visitors. Comments posted by visitors were forwarded to the client along with suggested responses, within 45 minutes. Responses were posted to the page following approval from client.

What we achieved

Within 6 months of the campaign, the number of Likes on the Facebook page rose by about 50%. The #SpotTheDifference contest, for instance, received more than 1150 Likes and Shares, as well as nearly 850 responses. The Spot Me If You Can contest, on the other hand, received almost 1000 Likes and Shares, as well as over 750 responses. The contests have greatly boosted the engagement rate of the page.

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