It's no secret. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Add to it the 74% that rely on social media to make a purchasing decision and you have yourself a marketing platform that begs to be treated well.

Community management is a tough act. Sure, you might be able to update your Facebook status in-house or have a freelancer do it for you. No offence meant, but if your Community Manager does not understand digital branding, content marketing, engagement, developing trends and analytics, there is not much you are going to get out of the exercise anyways.

So what does Pi Social Media bring on board?

An innate understanding of content and community dynamics. The ability to produce consistently good content and ensure engagement within communities.

Here's a community management case study for you to check out!

Our team of dedicated community managers spend extensive amounts of time (and that is a key ingredient for success on social media) diving into analytics, as well as studying user behavior, competitive analysis and response to content, in order to drive visitor engagement within communities.

Bottom line for awesome community management is that you have to live and breathe the community in order to make a difference. Talk to a Pi team member today, to see what we can do.

Want to learn more about Facebook community management? Download our Facebook Community Management webinar notes here.

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