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Junglee.com is an online shopping service that is offered by Amazon. Junglee aims to help online shoppers take an informed decision by browsing through an extensive collection of products listed in different categories, and comparing the prices offered by different online and offline retailers on a particular model. This price comparison website also helps shoppers place their orders online by redirecting them to the site of their chosen retailer. Junglee wanted brief descriptions for the listed products that would help online shoppers all across India, especially those based in small towns, take informed decisions. The primary objective was to have shoppers place their orders with different retailer sites through Junglee.

How we did it

We delivered succinct descriptions for products listed in different categories of the site, on a regular basis, for a year. We did in-depth research on each product, and elaborated on its innovative features. We also incorporated SEO friendly keywords in each product description in order to improve search engine rankings. We ensured the descriptions were completely original by using online plagiarism detection tool, Copyscape. The number of descriptions that were sought from Junglee's end kept increasing over time, and we successfully complied with the increase in demand.

What we achieved

We were able to meet with the increase in demand from the client's end. At the same time, we did not let the quality take a beating, thereby, ensuring client satisfaction on all counts.

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