Click Asia Summit 2012

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Boosting visitor count to website of Click Asia Summit

Click Asia Summit is Asia's largest digital, social and mobile marketing event. Click Asia Summit, held in Mumbai, brings together the global marketing elite under one roof, helping to share an explosion of digital marketing ideas, innovations, strategies and services. Click Asia Summit's primary objective was to bring visitors interested in digital marketing events to its main website. A set of relevant keywords were identified which would help in building the required brand awareness.

How we did it

In the one year between the beginning of the project and the time of the actual event, 100% of the targeted keywords for Click Asia Summit were placed within the first 10 results on the Google search result pages. The key phrase "digital marketing conference" ranked at #4 in Google. It was not even in the top 300 before the project started. We attained these results by focusing on three primary areas, namely - in-depth website analysis (including domain and server), implementing on-page changes, and off-page optimization including social media marketing, eBooks, press releases, article submissions and blogging.

What we achieved

During the project, the number of unique visitors to the Click Asia Summit website increased by 51.85%. The number of page views boosted to a great extent, by as much as 80.63%.

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