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Introduced in 1876, Heinz Tomato Ketchup is one of the largest selling ketchup brands in the world today. With over 650 million Heinz Ketchup bottles sold across the globe each year, H.J. Heinz Co. records the highest sales figures for a food and beverage brand. Available in glass bottles and plastic containers, Heinz Ketchup aims to offer both superior taste and nutritional benefits for children and adults.

Heinz Singapore approached Pi Social Media to enhance and boost their Facebook presence and leverage the platform to keep in touch with their customers, as well as provide health tips, product information, organise contests and inform about special offers to their customers.

How we did it

Pi Social Media has been managing the Facebook page of Heinz Singapore since 11th October, 2012. Initially, the client asked us to create and manage their Heinz Singapore Facebook account, promote their products, organise contests, highlight discounts and special offers. Some of the contests organised by Pi Social Media include:

  • 57 Days of Heinz Love
  • I Love Heinz Contest
  • Heinzology
  • Heinz Art Challenge (in collaboration with Raffles Art College, Singapore)
  • Heinz Creative Captions Contest
  • Fun with Heinz Contest
  • Heinz CNY Spot the Difference Contest

Pi Social Media also provided other design services like creating Facebook covers on special events to regularly refresh the appearance of the page, as well as various newsletters. Newsletter distribution, management and reporting were also done by Pi Social Media.

Pi Social Media followed a similar strategy for Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and achieved considerable success.

What we achieved

With its continuous efforts to make the Facebook page of Heinz Singapore even more engaging, Pi Social Media has successfully increased their Facebook Likes from 21 to 10,676 (and counting). Considering the results on Facebook, Heinz Singapore decided to increase their social media presence on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Pi Social Media started managing these social profiles on 1st January 2015. Till date, Heinz Singapore has 119 Followers on Twitter, 137 followers on Instagram and 111 Pinterest Followers. Overall, the client is pleased with the results of the project.

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