Helping KidsSTOP reach out to kids and their parents

KidsSTOP™ Singapore wanted to create a buzz on Facebook prior to their launch as well as to make use of the network as the social hub for their event promotions, reaching out to maximum possible number of visitors. They also wanted to stay in touch with their fans through Facebook and Twitter, provide updates regarding venues and event schedules, host contests and promote special offers to all visitors.

How we made it fun

Pi Social Media posted updates that were both informative and creative, to help little visitors learn interesting facts about various divisions of science, while having fun. Targeted campaigns and contests were hosted to increase the number of footfalls at the venue and boost user engagement with the brand. Pi Social Media conducted online campaigns and contests periodically, to create buzz for the KidsSTOP™ channel.

Some of the popular contests that resulted in considerable engagement on the Facebook page are:

  • Dinosaur Colouring Contest
  • Tell a story and Win Free passes to KidsSTOP for a year
  • What is your child's dream?
  • Mascot Contests (What is the role of Jo in the group? What is the main characteristic of Pepper? & others)

A similar strategy has been adopted for Twitter for reaching out to as many visitors as possible. Pi Social Media has also started promoting KidsSTOP™ on Instagram. Media buy was utilised to bring in more new visitors with each passing day.

What we achieved

Within a period of 3 months of beginning, the Page Likes increased from 0 to more than 1300. More than 2000 Shares, Likes and Comments took place during the same period. Organic Likes on the page increased to more than 3000. Rate of user engagement increased to above 8000 per month. Currently, the page has 6529 Likes and counting. The Twitter handle of KidsSTOP™ has 190 Followers while the recently initiated KidsStop Instagram channel has 7 followers.

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