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The National Day Parade (NDP) is arguably the largest event of the year in Singapore. All the residents of Singapore are invited to attend this event and take active part in it. The Ministry of Defence in Singapore approached Pi Social Media to ensure the social profiles dedicated to promoting the National Day Parade received maximum possible reach among Singaporeans. In order to cater to such a vast audience, the updates posted on social media networks need to be specific and uniform so that it appeals to people belonging to diverse cultures and backgrounds, and Pi Social Media managed it exceedingly well.

How we did it

Pi Social Media team tapped into 5 major social networks for promoting NDP 2014, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Pi Social Media provided content and engagement strategy solutions for communities on all these social networking platforms, working closely with multiple government agencies as and when necessary to execute and promote campaigns. We ran multiple contests concurrently on Facebook, and constantly monitored them from the beginning of the contest to assistance in winner selection.

Daily posts were made on social channels, informing fans and followers about any new developments, event-specific news, promotions and contest details. New videos to showcase event preparations were uploaded to YouTube and managed on a regular basis, which were then promoted on social media channels.

Detailed plans for security and crisis management were also in place and in case of any technical issue, a proper solution was provided within 4 working hours. Additionally, the social media team used third party tools to track online conversations about the event, on blogs, websites, forums and other social media networks.

On the event day, the Singapore team of Pi Social Media provided extensive on-site support, posting live content on Facebook and Twitter along with photos. The team also monitored Instagram throughout the event, tracking content posted using the official event hashtag.

What we achieved

In the three months that Pi Social Media managed the social media communities, the number of fans on the official NDP page increased by 10%. The number of users engaged on the Facebook page increased by 300%. Over the course of the campaign, more than 2500 messages, comments and posts were addressed to the page, all of which were conveyed to the client and managed as necessary.

More than 40,000 images were tracked on Instagram, with more and more users posting photos on the network about event rehearsals as the event day drew closer.

User feedback on the event date was overwhelmingly positive, with 90% of users who posted comments praising the event and its execution. Overall, the NDP social media initiative was a major success and the Pi Social Media team is proud to be associated with such a grand event.

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