Helping MCI attract professionals to Singapore

Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI) wanted to attract professionals across all major industry sectors to visit Singapore and build flourishing careers there. They approached Pi Social Media to provide a steady stream of textual, pictorial, and audio-visual content for their social media channels. The objective of the client was to extend relevant information via social media channels to maximum number of users.

How we did it

Pi Social Media team focused on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to achieve the objectives of MCI. The looks of the social media accounts were updated at regular intervals, by changing background images and covers. The news of socially significant events were highlighted across all channels. Awards and accolades earned by various government-run organisations were promoted to showcase Singapore's achievements in various sectors, such as business, healthcare, education and finance. Pi Social Media customised any video uploaded to the social media networks with voice-overs and promoted them on other channels.

The team also ran Timeline contests on Facebook, such as An Hour in the Dark to celebrate Earth Hour. The contest required users to answer the question - How are you going to celebrate this year's Earth Hour? The question was posted on the Facebook page, and contestants were asked to answer via comments. Participants whose comments received the most likes were selected as winners. Contest post was monitored hourly and seeded in groups to generate interest. The contest increased engagement considerably and generated 100+ organic page likes.

Ads were used to maximise visitor engagement. Pi Social Media designed new Facebook tabs to promote different sections of the website and prepared creatives for special events and contests.

What we achieved

The Facebook page of had 3144 fans when Pi Social Media started managing it in December 2013. In 11 months, the number of likes increased to 5587, with a net increase of 2443 fans. The Twitter account gained more than 1300 followers during the same time period. YouTube video views received the highest spike among the three channels, gaining almost 100% boost in view count.

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