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Singapore Science Festival, organised by Science Centre Singapore, is an annual event in Singapore celebrating Science and Technology, with the aim of inculcating a spirit of scientific enquiry among everyone, especially children. Science Centre Singapore wanted to promote their yearly event, the Singapore Science Festival, through their Facebook page. They approached Pi Social Media to increase awareness about the event among Singaporeans, entertain visitors to the page with engaging content, promote the various shows of the event, as well as ensure maximum number of event passes were sold at the venue. Additionally, the organisers wanted to promote the Facebook Lucky Draw contest that had been implemented to boost sales of the Science Festival Passport. A design overhaul of the existing Facebook page was also required.

How we did it

In order to promote the various events as well as keep the audience engaged and informed, the Facebook page of Singapore Science Festival was updated daily with a variety of links, trivia and event information. The language and tone of the updates were suitable for children and their mothers, as they were the most frequent visitors to the Facebook page. Update types included:

  • Science facts to emphasise how science is fun
  • Promotional updates for all 60+ events
  • Quotes from famous scientists
  • Mini bios of famous scientists on their birthdays
  • Memes based on topics directly related to science
  • Promotional updates targeted towards photo galleries and videos of various events

A special lucky draw contest was conceptualised by the client. Pi Social Media designed and deployed a Facebook app for the contest. The social media team provided comprehensive assistance for the contest from its initiation to selecting the winners and communicating with them. Pi Social Media organised quiz contests to increase engagement with Facebook visitors. The weekly contests, carried out in four phases, were successful in engaging nearly 200 visitors. Pi Social Media also conceptualised and implemented a photo contest on Facebook. Participants shared photos taken at various events of Singapore Science Festival along with captions, with the admins of the Facebook page, through Facebook Messages. The ten best photographs were awarded prizes.

What we achieved

Within a month of starting the project, average daily Facebook page views increased by more than 600% and weekly Facebook page reach increased by 725%. By the end of the project, the number of Likes of Singapore Science Festival Facebook page had increased by 50%.

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