Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Listening is the key to any good conversation and social media dialogue is no different. Not only does it enable brands to track niche keywords and streams, but also helps in influencer marketing and competitor monitoring.

Without social listening you might be, for all you know, trying to sell cupcakes to people looking for fitness equipment! Furthermore, unplugging can leave you deaf to the voices of countless customers.

The truth is, 72% of consumers expect brands to respond within an hour to complaints posted on Twitter and 60% are likely to disconnect if their tweets go unanswered. However, 47% are likely to post social media recommendations and 34% may buy more products when they receive timely response.

Our Social Command Centre provides brands with :

  • Market insights to set benchmarks and competitive goals
  • 24/7 monitoring to enhance social engagement
  • Tangible action points for proactive customer care and brand positioning
  • Real-time campaign adjustments, and cohesive social strategy
  • Analysis of trending topics to create social content at the right moment
  • Effective crisis management to help brands recover quickly from faux pas

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